Using Apply Pay at Happy Bubbles Laundromat

May 03, 2020

Apple Pay

It’s easy to use your mobile phone to start washers and dryers at Happy Bubbles Laundromat. Here’s how you do it.

Start Washers with Apple Pay

Simply open up your Apple Pay wallet and hold the phone next to the card reader like the image above. Your phone will request confirmation. Once that is done the system will verify your card is valid. When the validation is complete the display will indicate the successful transaction. Press the green START button on the washing machine control panel. You are good to go.

Start Dryers will Apple Pay

Starting dryers with Apple pay is just like starting the washers with one exception. You must indicate how may minutes you wish to charge to your card first. Press the green ENTER button on the credit card reader for each additional quarter you would like added. For instance, press the green START button 3 times to add 3 more quarters, for a total of $1.00. That equates to 32 minutes on our regular dryers and 24 minutes on our extra large dryers. Once dryer time is entered, hold your phone near the credit card reader to initiate the transaction.

Bank Pre-Authorizations

Some credit cards perform a $5.00 pre-authorization on transaction. This pre-authorization is not a charge but a mechanism for validation that funds are available. This tends to happen more on debit cards than with credit cards. The $5.00 hold placed on your card will be released and will not be reflected on your statement. Some banks show this on the statement and a credit for the same amount immediately afterwards.

Since Apple pay informs the user immediately when a hold or pre-authorization occurs, this tends to cause some confusion among new customers who see a $5.00 charge on their first transaction. This pre-authorization only occurs once per day. It does not occur with each washer and dryer use.

Samsung and Google Pay

Samsung and Google Pay work similar to Apple Pay. Just hold your phone near the card reader to initiate the transaction. Once card validation is complete, press the green START button on the machine.

Every 10th Wash is Free When Using Mobile Payments

To encourage mobile payments and reward our loyal customers, every 10th wash is free. Our credit card processing system tracks credit card usage and automatically rewards you with the free wash. The numbers of washes left to earn the free wash is displayed on the card reader immediately after each transaction. When the display reads 1 TO GO, your next wash is free. We encourage our customers to use the large washing machines to the most value from their free wash.

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