How to Schedule Your First Pickup and Delivery

April 27, 2020

Girl Delivering Folded Clothes

In this post we’ll show you how to schedule your first wash & fold order through the Happy Bubbles web portal.

Log in to Your Account

Using any device, mobile phone, table, laptop, or desktop computer, navigate to the Happy Bubbles Laundry website. The URL is http://HappyBubblesLaundry.com. Click my account. If you haven’t setup an account yet read our blog post on setting up your account here.

Step 1. Schedule a Pickup

Choose your Pickup Date and Pickup Time.

Pickup times are withing a 4 hour window. Select the drop down menu to select the 4 hour period.

Step 2. Choose your delivery date and time

Select your delivery date and delivery time. We recommend scheduling your delivery date the day after your pickup date. That’s a one day turn around. How awesome is that!

Select the drop down menu to select the 4 hour period.

Step 3. Verify your Delivery Address and Driver Instructions

It is usually not necessary to change your delivery address and driver instruction. This information is stored in your customer profile. In those rare instances where you need to make a temporary change to your pickup and delivery address or make a change to driver notes, you have the opportunity to make the change here.

Otherwise, just select NEXT

Step 4. Special Wash Instructions

In this step you can modify your existing preferences you have stored in your customer profile. You can also make a one time special request that will be applied to this order only. Add this special request to the lower text box.

Step 5. Select Laundry Options

In this step, you have the option to add special items to your order. Just select the checkbox if you wish to have these additional items added to you order.

Step 6. Review

Here you have the opportunity to review your order prior to check-out.

Payment Method

Your credit card on file is pre-selected as the default payment method. If you have more than one card on file, please choose your payment method for this particular order.

If you have a promo code, enter it now to receive the discount.

If all is correct, select PLACE MY ORDER.


Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a confirmation that the order is now in the system. Your order number is located on the top right of the confirmation screen.

Your Dashboard

You can view the status of your order anytime by going to MY DASHBOARD. Your dashboard can be accessed from the top menu. Go to MY ACCOUNT > DASHBOARD.

The Happiest Way to do Your Laundry

Wasn’t that easy? Your order will be tracked through our system and you will be notified as per your communication preferences.

If you found this tutorial useful or have recommendations, please let us know in the comments below.

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