​Happy Bubbles Laundromat Reviews & Testimonials

This place was amazing! Was able to wash and dry using Apple Pay! They have free WiFi which is fast! Was able to watch some football while I waited for my clothes! They have a nice little patio and the place is really clean including the restroom! And And the employee Pablo was soooo helpful! It was our first time there and he helped us with everything including hell taking our clothes to our car! Thanks Pablo. I'll be making this my regular place for Sunday wash day!

I was overwhelmed with the amount of laundry I had . I was washing and couldn't keep up with the load. (Pun) lol but I found this place and it's an awesome fluff and fold. I ended up having 100 pounds of clothes ( i know it's a bit much) their staff was so nice to me. I was pretty embarrassed that I had so many clothes to be washed and folded. They never seemed annoyed or irritated with me. My clothes were ready in two days. I am ecstatic. My clothes are folded so neatly and the others are on hangers!!! I highly recommend this place if you need laundry done! They also have washers and dryers there as well! You can purchase bleach, detergent and softener! I will most def be back! Thank you so much!

I had to switch it up from my last laundry spot because they lost an expensive onesie. So of course I go on Yelp to find a new spot, and found this one. They did a really nice job on my clothes. They were cleaned very well and without all the dyes and crap that most places use. They also have great amenities that I've never seen at any other place. They're open 365 days a year, which is AWESOME. They take card, cash for F&F service and the machines take cards as well!

I've been sending my laundry here for the last two years, I've never had a problem with the quality of the washed clothes. Their hours are great, and the communication is fantastic. They email me when it's done, and they give you the option to pay when you drop off or when you pick up.