The Happy Bubbles Stored Value Card

May 10, 2020

Loyalty Card Front Happy Bubbles

Don’t want to use quarters at the laundromat? Yes, we understand too. That’s why we have a stored value card, also known as The Happy Bubbles Card. Instead of inserting your dollar bills into a change machine and receiving quarters, you can insert your dollar bills into the Happy Bubbles Kiosk and receive a card with credit towards the washers and dryers.

Every 10th Wash is Free When Using the Happy Bubbles Card

A huge benefit over using quarters is that the Happy Bubbles card tracks your spending and credits you with free washes. Every 10th wash is free when using our stored value card.

You can still use quarters if you wish. However, we think you’ll find the Happy Bubbles Card a great alternative to carrying a pocket or purse full of quarters.

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